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video of the papillon in guipry


le tour des deux visages

Departure from Messac to Josselin (Duration one week)
distance : 208 km
number of sluices : 36
traveltime : 36 Stunden (complete)
departure / ending : Messac
You drive on the Villaine towards “Redon”, then you bend in the “Canal Nantes-Brest” heading towards Brest. In “St. Laurent” you can visit an old manor-house with original furniture a wonderful Object.
Malestroit, which you arrive next, has come to wealth by trade, you can hardly ignore it! Old buildings of granite witness from a lucrative past. Now you drive on a very beautiful landscape, until the Castle of “Josselin” emerges.
You will experience it, it makes a big impression!
One says, it is the most beautiful Castle of Brittany. There is much to tell about it, but we let you discover this beautyfull tour!
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